Mobile Tower Hire Auckland

Need simple, no fuss, affordable access?  Then choose from our wide range of mobile towers to suit your needs.  At Akron, we not only sell mobile towers but we hire them throughout Auckland too!  

Select the aluminium H-Frame industrial mobile tower with double platform width (1.4m) for plenty of platform space to get the job done.  If space is tight, then go for a mini mobile (0.7m wide) in either a 1.7m long platform or the 3 metre long platform suitable for two people. 

The narrow width is ideal for interior work too, being designed to fit through a standard doorway.  Talk to us about the 'All Terrain' pack designed for stairs.  No matter what your requirements we have an affordable solution for you.  We can deliver and put it up for you, or we can show you how to do it yourself!